Purchase Order Information

Educational and other corporate institutions can order using a purchase order. Your purchase order will be processed and fulfilled by Share-it!, the e-commerce provider selected by KPR to provide online ordering and sales services.

How to prepare your purchase order

Please prepare your purchase order on company letterhead, in PDF format. Please include the following information, so that Share-it! can process your order quickly and accurately:

  • Product Name: Compass
  • Share-it Product ID: 300044407
  • Coupon code, if applicable
  • The requested quantity
  • The requested billing currency
  • The name the product will be licensed to
  • Your billing address
  • Name, email address, phone, and fax number of the contact person for your order
  • The email address to which the order confirmation and invoice should be sent

How to submit your purchase order

On the Compass order page, select the Purchase Order Request option, as shown in the screenshot.

screenshot showing Purchase Order Request radio button selected
Screenshot of part of the Compass order form, showing Purchase Order Request radio button selected.

Then click the Browse... button and upload the purchase order PDF file.

KPR will review your submitted purchase order. Once it is approved, your Compass order will be delivered to you via email.

If you prefer, you may order Compass from Westminster Technologies. Please contact Westminster directly for their purchase order information.