Pointing Wizard Software

If you or someone you know has physical difficulty using the mouse, try Pointing Wizard. Just follow the steps in the Pointing Wizard, and it will determine if there are changes to the Windows mouse settings that may make it faster and easier to use the mouse. Works for trackballs, trackpads, and other pointing devices, too! Available for Windows. Free!

Make Sure Your Mouse Settings Match Your Needs

You might already know that Windows comes with a variety of built-in settings that affect the way your mouse or other pointing device works. But do you know whether your current settings are right for you? Or how to adjust them if necessary?

screenshot for Pointing Wizard software, showing a square target to be selected

Pointing Wizard helps you determine whether a change in settings will benefit you, and then it makes the changes for you, so you don't have to. Whether you're using a regular or ergonomic mouse, or another alternative mouse, make sure you have the best mouse settings to meet your needs. The wizard has two parts:

  • Part 1: examines basic target selection to recommend settings that make it easier to move the mouse cursor into a target.
  • Part 2: examines double-clicking on targets to recommend settings that make it easier to double-click on items.

The whole process takes only a few minutes. And, it's easy to package up your new customized settings and activate them on any Windows computer. You can run Pointing Wizard as often as you like, to be sure your mouse settings always meet your needs.

Extensive research has demonstrated that Pointing Wizard is easy to use and really works! Please visit the Publications page for additional information.

Restore Default Settings At Any Time

screenshot for Restore Defaults utility

Pointing Wizard comes with a Restore Defaults utility, so you can always return to the Windows default settings whenever you want.