Compass Software for Access Assessment

Compass software measures users' skills in various kinds of computer interaction. It is designed to help assistive technology professionals perform computer access evaluations with their clients and students. Skills assessed include keyboard and mouse use, navigation through menus, and switch use. Applications include more effective assistive technology in the classroom, appropriate workplace accommodations for ADA compliance, and easier, more comfortable computer use for those with physical disabilities. Available for Windows and Mac.

Clear Evidence, Better Solutions

Screenshot from a Compass report, showing the ability to compare performance across multiple tests

Take the guesswork out of computer access assessments. Appropriate use of Compass helps you to:

  • Diagnose difficulties with an existing interface;
  • Choose the best alternative mouse or alternative keyboard for a client's needs;
  • Evaluate performance with different access systems;
  • Plan training interventions;
  • Track changes in a client’s abilities over time; and
  • Measure the effectiveness of an intervention.

What Users are Saying

  • "I WILL USE this software to assess my students' alternative computer input needs. It is EXACTLY what I need. Thank you!"
  • "I am very impressed with the software... Good quantitative data that's easy to interpret. Great job!"
  • "Piece of cake. You could run this without ever reading the instructions..."

Flexible, Powerful, yet Easy to Use

Compass uses eight skill tests in three input device domains (pointing, text entry, and switch use) to record data on the speed and accuracy of user actions. A wide range of alternative keyboards, pointing devices, mice, and switches can be used, and each test can be configured to tailor presentation to the client's needs. You select the appropriate tests to run, depending on the particular questions to be addressed. The software then reports the results for you to evaluate.

Tests can be presented in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Extensive research has demonstrated Compass' ease-of-use as well as its measurement validity. Please visit the Publications page for additional information.