Compass version 3.0 released

KPR has released Compass version 3.0, which offers better compatibility with speech recognition input. Get your free trial and take the guesswork out of assistive technology assessments.

Compass version 3.0 released

Compass version 3.0 released
We’ve updated Compass, KPR’s software for access assessments. If you’ve had any difficulties using speech recognition with Compass in the past, give this new version a try. And if you’ve never tried Compass before, now is a great time!

Compass 3.0 now runs on the Java 11 platform, which is a fairly significant internal change from the Java 8 of Compass 2.5. The main noticeable difference is that speech recognition now works better with Compass. So it should be easier to measure text entry speed and accuracy when using speech recognition. This gives you a straightforward way to see how well speech recognition is working for an individual, and compare it to other typing methods.

How accurately does the speech recognition system transcribe what you say? How fast can you type using speech recognition? What about when you include the time required to correct any recognition errors? Compass can help you answer these types of questions.

Having said that, we need to be clear that some speech recognition systems work fine with Compass, but some do not. For Windows, Dragon Naturally Speaking works well, but the built-in Windows Speech Recognition doesn’t seem to work. For Mac OS X, the built-in Dictation works fine. These speech recognition systems are a bit of a moving target, however, so if your experience is different, please let me know and we’ll try our best to troubleshoot it.

Give Compass a try to determine how quickly and accurately you or someone you work with can enter text using any input method, from regular keyboard use to single-switch scanning and everything in-between. Recently I’ve been using it to measure my own progress in learning Morse code. You can also use it for assessing pointing (with mice or any type of pointing device) as well as switch control. It still works on Windows and Mac, and you can still use it for free for 30 days.

Learn more and get your free trial today from KPR’s Compass page. Compass is also available at Westminster Technologies.

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