Compass: now available at Westminster Technologies

KPR’s Compass software for access assessment is now available at Westminster Technologies, a complete provider of assistive technology solutions.

Compass software is now available at Westminster Technologies

Compass software is now available at Westminster Technologies

We’re excited to announce that our Compass software is now available at Westminster Technologies. For years our primary reseller was Infogrip, but unfortunately they recently closed up shop. I had the opportunity to meet Heather Koren and the Westminster team at the ATIA Conference this year, and was really impressed with their knowledge of assistive technology and approach to building capacity in our field.

Check out Westminster’s Compass page for more details. We hope this partnership will make it more convenient for you to obtain Compass and provide an extra layer of support for Compass users. You can still order online at KPR, if you prefer, and of course we will continue to provide support for Compass as always.

What is Compass?

If you’re not familiar with Compass, here’s a quick intro. The purpose of Compass is to take the guesswork out of computer access assessment. It helps answer the question of what access solution best meets an individual’s needs, and why. Compass software measures users’ skills in various kinds of computer interaction, including keyboard and mouse use, navigation through menus, and switch use. You select the appropriate tests to run, and Compass provides a nice report documenting speed and accuracy measured during those tests. It runs on Windows and Mac.

You can find out more about Compass (and request a free trial of the software) by visiting The video below also gives you a good (if a bit dorky) introduction to how Compass works.

Extensive research has demonstrated Compass’ ease-of-use as well as its measurement validity. Please visit KPR’s publications page for additional information.

If you have any questions about Compass, let me know!

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