Purchase Order Information

Educational and other corporate institutions can order using a purchase order. Your purchase order will be processed and fulfilled by Share-it!, the e-commerce provider selected by KPR to provide online ordering and sales services.

Please mail or fax your official purchase order on company letterhead. Please include the following information, so that Share-it! can process your order quickly and accurately:

KPR's Products and Product ID's are as follows:

Product Name Product ID
Compass + Wizards bundle 300454064
Compass 300044407
Keyboard Wizard 300361924
Pointing Wizard 300420848

Please send the purchase order to one of the following Share-it! Customer Service Centers:

If you prefer, you may order Compass (only) from one of our resellers - Infogrip, Microcomputer Science Centre, Enablemart, and Technology for Education. Please contact the reseller directly for their purchase order information.