Compass Software for Access Assessment

Take the guesswork out of computer access assessments with Compass software. Choose from eight skill tests for assessing pointing, text entry, and switch use. New reports let you view user performance across different input devices, over time, and more! Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Scanning Wizard

Set up your switch and scanning software to best meet your needs. Using Scanning Wizard's recommendations has helped scanning users achieve significant increases in performance. Multi-platform web application. Free!

AT-node for Access

Search the available research on the use of computer access interfaces by people with disabilities. Includes text entry rate data from studies published since 1986. Multi-platform web application. Free!

Keyboard Wizard

Let Keyboard Wizard help make your typing faster and easier. Make sure your Windows keyboard settings are set appropriately for your needs. Our extensive user research shows that sometimes a little change can make a big difference. Available for Windows. Free!

Pointing Wizard

Use Pointing Wizard to help make it easier and faster to use your mouse. Make sure your Windows mouse settings are set to meet your needs. Works for trackballs, trackpads, and other pointing devices, too! Available for Windows. Free!

ModKeys Software

ModKeys is a free Windows program that completely disables the automatic key repeat behavior, except for the cursor keys. This can allow people who tend to hold keys down a little too long to type easier and with fewer errors. With ModKeys, the regular alphanumeric characters will never repeat, no matter how long you hold them down. But you can still use auto-repeat with the cursor keys, which is the main purpose for auto-repeat. You can adjust the key repeat settings within Windows to make control of cursor movements easier; this can be done in the Windows Control Panel, or with the assistance of our Keyboard Wizard program.

This is a simple macro program produced using AutoHotkey. It is best suited for individuals who are not super-fast typists, as it does not always respond quickly enough to the keystrokes of fast touch-typists. Compatible with Windows. Free!