Bringing Evidence to Computer Accessibility

KPR's mission is to enhance computer accessibility, particularly for people who are not well-served by the typical keyboard and mouse. Our assistive technology software and research expertise focus on making it faster and easier for people with physical disabilities to use computers and tablets. The end goal? Evidence-based Access that meets each individual's unique needs.

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Free accessibility wizards from KPR!

Involved with switch access or switch scanning for AAC devices or computers? Try Scanning Wizard, our free web app for optimizing switch and scanning setups.

And don't forget Pointing Wizard and Keyboard Wizard -- now available at no charge. Now it's easier than ever to adapt your Windows mouse or keyboard settings to your needs.

Scanning Wizard in the OT classroom

Occupational therapy instructor Cara Masselink has incorporated KPR software into hands-on activities with her OT students at Western Michigan University. Learn More.

Evidence on computer text entry by people with disabilities

Ever wonder how quickly people can type with different accessibility interfaces? Is it useful to know the typing speed for the "average" user with cerebral palsy on an assistive keyboard? Try our new AT-node search tool and bring some evidence to your next AT assessment. See our text entry page for more info.

Compass 2.4 now available

Version 2.4 supports test presentation in Portuguese or Spanish (as well as English or French). A great toolkit for assistive technology assessments -- includes 8 skill tests, graphical results, and more.

ModKeys utility available!

A free Windows program that completely disables the automatic key repeat behavior, except for the cursor keys. Learn More.

KPR's YouTube channel

Watch our product demos on our YouTube channel. Let us know what you think!